How To Setup A Terrarium

Hello viewers, I explained how to setup a terrarium garden (indoor garden ideas) in this video. We can make a terrarium setup easily within 30 minutes. Terrarium is a small garden house made with tiny plants, toys, pebbles, and decor items that can kept in our indoor space.
Steps to create your own terrarium:
Things your need – Glass Jar, Pebbles, Gravel, Potting Soil, Tiny Plants like Ferns, Spoon, Water Sprayer, Moss

1. Add pebbles/stones at the bottom of the jar, this helps in water drainage

2. Add soil into the jar.
3. Add plants
4. For beautiful look and feel, add miniature toys
5. Spray water


Use plants that fits into your jar, I suggest pothos, ferns, lucky bamboo..

Don’t over water, spray water once in a week or once the soil get dry
Enjoy watching!

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Thank you all for watching the video!

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